Joy is watching tiny Elise in new places.  (like Costco today).  She is hysterical.  Her body freezes.  Her eyes will slowly take a survey of her surroundings, but her body is rigid.  It’s as if she’s thinking, “wow, if I stay perfectly still nothing will note that I’m here.” 

While Joelle loved to hold on to our hands as an infant (an endearing sentiment that I didn’t appreciate enough at the time), Elise likes to clutch her onesie.  When her tiny fists do let go of the fabric, it leaves behind wrinkles because her grip is so strong. 

After mastering essential skills (pooping, smiling and eating, in no particular order), Elise has been exclusively working on getting her thumb to her mouth.  She sighs and makes due with the binky, but her true desire is to suck her thumb.  Joelle never had any interest in her thumb!  Ever.  I have mixed feelings about the thumb sucking.  It’s so much easier for a parent to not have to keep up with the binkies, but binkies are much more hygienic.  The thumb sucking is also harder to stop when it’s time – binks you can conveniently lose. (Or, have a bink fairy come take them away, as we did for Joelle.  The “fairy” left a gift!)  I think my brother sucked his thumb a long time.  In the end, we’re rooting for Elise to get it.  She wants to do it so badly.  When she does get her hand near her mouth, she makes this little sound of bliss.  Her bliss is my joy to watch.