There really is no good way to share bad news.  Unlike the joy of sending baby stats with a mass email, it’s hard to send out a mass note saying that your wife had a surprise surgery and is recuperating in the hospital.   I didn’t even know I’d had an hysterectomy until 12:30 the next day.  I was finally coherent enough to feel my tummy to find a bandage.  A bandage in the same place that I had had a bandage only 7 weeks earlier.  When I turned to Chris to confirm my suspicion, I didn’t have any thoughts about it.  I frankly remember having a blank feeling.  No remorse, but I wasn’t exactly happy either.  I just felt blank.  A few days later, my blankness did turn into gratitude for being here.  Being alive to see my girls and not leave them without a mommie.  A lot of people say how grave everything was and that I would suffer from having such a stress put on my body, but I honestly don’t know how bad it was.  I still remember the pain, but that is slowly working its way out of my system.  The pain, the strange dreams and the cold chill I feel when I hear an ambulance will subside, I can already tell.  In its wake, you can’t help but have a few of those, “why me,” thoughts creep in.  I was completely healed from my c-section and finally able to get out and about with the girls.  Why?  Why did it have to happen?  It would have been nice to just have it all done at once, but at least we are most fortunate to have the best family and friends.  I am so thankful and blessed for my family and friends.