In my dad’s post, some readers may have seen where I tend to blurt out a scream at trivial mishaps – food falling on the floor, a paper cut, etc. Joelle overreacts to situations with her own twist.

She was bonked on the head today at the park by a swing. She didn’t cry or shed a tear, but as we were leaving the park, she said, “I’ll never go the park again.” I realized that this is why she won’t ride a bike (she saw Erin fall off of one) and probably why she won’t try most foods (must have had one bad experience).

I’m embarrassed to say that this is one thing that can really make me angry (as it did today – we only have so many activities to do this summer – taking away park trips can’t happen). I find that a.It’s ridiculous way to handle getting upset at things and b. because she often means it. What will we do with no parks!? I know, I know – she’s four, but she’s a stubborn four year old. She has yet to dunk her head under the water after declaring she would never swim again (another example!).