My favorite RSS feed (not counting family/friend blogs, of course) is probably Lifehacker. Lots of great tips. Whenever I don’t have time to get into the details of one of them I just “star” it in Google Reader to read later.

Looking through some of those posts this morning I noticed that I had a few related to food, so I thought I’d share.

1. Thanks to the Dairy Council of California (uh, naturally) is a website called Meals Matter. Once you sign in (quick) you can choose from a list of recipes and it will automatically populate a shopping list for you. Good if you are looking for a new, healthy recipe to try and hate writing out a shopping list. Haven’t tried it, looks intriguing. I wonder if the recipes have an inordinate amount of dairy in them? Hmmm. …

Oh that reminds me of another thing that Petie and I have been meaning to try – this one I found on Juice AnalyticsCathy’s Recipe Manager is similar but you put your own recipes into this Excel spreadsheet and it creates the shopping list for you. We really will try this soon.

2. But it’s just so much easier to go out, isn’t it? Eating out can be yummy. Dining in is cheaper. Combine the two – make food at home just like the restaurant food with Top Secret Recipes. This site has recipes ranging from 7-11 Cherry Slurpee (free) to California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza ($0.79).

Supposedly this site/book is going to be featured on Good Morning America next Monday (3/5/07).

3. Trouble sleeping (not counting “baby causes”)? Here are foods that should help with that. OK, it’s a cheesy article, unless you think referring to a muffin as an “edible lullaby” is normal. But who can resist a good list?