March 2007

In my dad’s post, some readers may have seen where I tend to blurt out a scream at trivial mishaps – food falling on the floor, a paper cut, etc. Joelle overreacts to situations with her own twist.

She was bonked on the head today at the park by a swing. She didn’t cry or shed a tear, but as we were leaving the park, she said, “I’ll never go the park again.” I realized that this is why she won’t ride a bike (she saw Erin fall off of one) and probably why she won’t try most foods (must have had one bad experience).

I’m embarrassed to say that this is one thing that can really make me angry (as it did today – we only have so many activities to do this summer – taking away park trips can’t happen). I find that a.It’s ridiculous way to handle getting upset at things and b. because she often means it. What will we do with no parks!? I know, I know – she’s four, but she’s a stubborn four year old. She has yet to dunk her head under the water after declaring she would never swim again (another example!).


* Joelle mentioned that she would use her H.E.B buddy bucks to buy her sister some diapers.  She’s been so sweet to baby Elise – we’re so proud.  She gives her shaky hugs (special hugs from Joelle, usually rare to receive) and likes to say that Elise is tickling her when Elise accidentally flings out a limb and it touches Joelle.  Chris ended the moment by saying that the picture wasn’t of diapers, rather it was toilet paper.  🙂

* Although the verdict is still out (I have to stop her allergy medicine in a few days to see if in stopping the medicine her symptoms come back), it seems as though our sweet girl is plagued by allergies.  Strange, since neither Chris nor I suffered from allergies until now.  Anyway, she calls her nasonex, “poisonex,” because she hates it so much.  Taking after Grandpa and Chris with the puns, huh?

* While Chris was folding laundry, Joelle said, “You’re extinct with laundry.”  Makes total sense, right?  It’s adorable how Joelle likes to pick up words she’s just heard someone use and try to use it herself.  She needs to work a little on her context clues, but she’s learning!  I had told her a story about how the polar bears would be extinct in the next 30 years and that they’re having to swim too much as it is now. 

* This morning when we woke up, Joelle said, “I had a hard time sleeping in my bed last night.  There were too many stuffed animals.  There was a party in my bed!” 

I really appreciated all the baby’s movement during my pregnancy with Elise.  Pregnancies aren’t fun for me and I certainly didn’t relish most of it, but I did love it every time I felt a kick or a flutter.  In fact, that was one of my first thoughts after delivering Elise…  I knew I would miss feeling her in my womb. 

I don’t know if it is because I was thinking this or if it’s an experience other mothers have felt, but I did actually feel like I did feel some kicks after she was delivered.  Maybe it’s like an amputee who feels their lost limb?  I asked another mom if she felt that after delivering her babies and she said, “yes, but I thought it was just all the organs moving back into place!” 

Either way, it felt so real that I actually thought, “uh oh, there wasn’t another one in there was there?!” 

My favorite RSS feed (not counting family/friend blogs, of course) is probably Lifehacker. Lots of great tips. Whenever I don’t have time to get into the details of one of them I just “star” it in Google Reader to read later.

Looking through some of those posts this morning I noticed that I had a few related to food, so I thought I’d share.

1. Thanks to the Dairy Council of California (uh, naturally) is a website called Meals Matter. Once you sign in (quick) you can choose from a list of recipes and it will automatically populate a shopping list for you. Good if you are looking for a new, healthy recipe to try and hate writing out a shopping list. Haven’t tried it, looks intriguing. I wonder if the recipes have an inordinate amount of dairy in them? Hmmm. …

Oh that reminds me of another thing that Petie and I have been meaning to try – this one I found on Juice AnalyticsCathy’s Recipe Manager is similar but you put your own recipes into this Excel spreadsheet and it creates the shopping list for you. We really will try this soon.

2. But it’s just so much easier to go out, isn’t it? Eating out can be yummy. Dining in is cheaper. Combine the two – make food at home just like the restaurant food with Top Secret Recipes. This site has recipes ranging from 7-11 Cherry Slurpee (free) to California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza ($0.79).

Supposedly this site/book is going to be featured on Good Morning America next Monday (3/5/07).

3. Trouble sleeping (not counting “baby causes”)? Here are foods that should help with that. OK, it’s a cheesy article, unless you think referring to a muffin as an “edible lullaby” is normal. But who can resist a good list?

This clip is one of the few that never fails to make me laugh. The shove is classic.