Ran across this article yesterday on CNN.  Take a look and then check back…(waiting)….

OK, my questions/comments are:

1. I’m impressed that they were able to pull off this “ruse” effectively for so long in front of so many different people.  It sounds like Social Security as well as state agencies were involved.

2. Is it just that the family was really good at acting?  I mean starting at ages 4 and 8, you’d think they would slip.  Or is it just that the social service interviewers just aren’t qualified? Both?

3. Of course you always want to know more after reading such a short story – like, did these kids go to regular school and just act for their interviews?  If so, couldn’t they have, uh, noticed that the kids were in regular school?  If not, did they get home schooled just for the purpose of collecting this money? That’s dedication.  As if the kids weren’t going to be screwed up enough…