On Grey’s Anatomy last week, Izzy said, “…surgeons who use staples over stitches are just lazy. I’m sorry, they just are.” That comment immediately caught my attention because the doctor who was supposed to do my c-section, you know the one I painstakingly sat waiting for hours at a time in a dingy waiting room with chairs with plastic covers for a 9 month span, was going to use staples. Ask Chris, I freaked out when I found that out. He was on a mad resource hunt for information about staples vs. glue (I had glue used to suture my first c-section.) Turns out, glue is rather controversial for use with a c-section. Nice.

Anyway, when I had this emergency c-section, I got the doctor on call. Total luck of the draw. She had been at home rearranging furniture that night. She used dissolvable stitches on me. Other than that, I know nothing about her. I was elated that night to find out that I would get stitches though and am vindicated by Izzy’s comment. Stitches are so much better than staples!