I’ve decided that the best thing about second children is that they remind you of what your first one did. Things that have long since been forgotten. Since this is my last go with a baby, I’ve got to be diligent about writing as many memories down as possible…

I’ve had ups and downs with nursing. I like to joke that I have aristocratic blood and was meant to have a wet nurse. We went back through Jojo’s feeding logs and found that I nursed 12 times a day for 18 days before finally realizing I was at a breaking point and had to concede defeat. When Chris read back through the logs he said, “Wow, you were a trooper!” I tried again with Elise, but found that I still don’t produce enough milk to sustain a baby. (without nursing 12 times a day – which is unrealistic to me, especially with Joelle in the picture this time.) I am happy that I tried again because I was reminded of how sweet nursing is and I am truly sad that it doesn’t work for me. I love how within the first few days, Elise would look up at me after eating with an expression of drunken bliss. A little milk running down her chin and a ruddy little cheek from the sheer warmth. Joelle had the same look, but I had forgotten it.

The other thing that Elise does that I now remember Joelle having also done is that she goes through “the faces” when she first falls asleep.  Chris and I call it the “budding actress” faces.  It’s hysterical.  You get a smile, then a frown, then an angry look, furrowed brow, etc ~ all within seconds.  We really need to try to video tape it before she grows out of it.