We’ve managed to accumulate a few stories over this past, pretty eventful, week.  I should start, now that I’ve managed a few seconds to write, at the beginning.  I always had this secret feeling that my second baby would arrive early.  Since Joelle was 2 weeks past her due date, I had absolutely no reason to suspect or wish for that.  I just always imagined my second baby busy punching away in my womb, ready to come out and meet everyone.  Each doctor’s appointment, including the last one on January 22nd, left me disappointed and trustful that I would not go into labor prior to my c-section date on the 30th.

But… I like to tell people that Elise was just waiting for us to decide on her name, because as soon as we picked Elise ~ she decided to make her way out.  Nana says she knew she was going to go into labor with me because she had a strange surge of energy that day.  For those of us who have made it to 9 months pregnancy, that is indeed odd.  I did have one subtle sign the morning of 1/27.  I was driving off and looked down at my hand.  It was shaking.  I thought to myself, “Huh, today may be the day.”  Of course, laughing it off to myself.

The day was uneventful for me, though not for Joelle.  She and Chris were off party hopping while I ran a few errands.  One errand, to Costco, was to pick up a dinner for another friend of mine who just had a baby.  I called her at 4:45 that night to find out when I could drop it off.  She called back at 8 while I was in the hospital, later to find out the irony of what had happened.  She said, “I told you not to get dinner for us!  Next time you’ll listen.”  We left for dinner at 5, no signs of anything unusual.
At dinner, I didn’t say anything to Chris at first, but I started feeling really heavy contractions.  Since I never went into labor before (with Joelle I was induced and it’s just not the same), I didn’t know what it was like.  I felt like it was definitely braxton-hicks and probably no big deal.  However, the contractions continued through dinner at very regular intervals – about 2 minutes apart.  When I got home, my mucous plug came out.  That was the first moment where I thought it could be real.  I called Nana and Poppy and Nana said, “You need to get to the hospital.  We’ll be over in 10 minutes.”

Still, I felt foolish and thought that they would send us home… only to trudge back a couple of days later for my scheduled c-section date.  After hooking me up to the monitors and seeing that my contractions were real (I think I was so calm that the nurse didn’t think it was necessarily real either), an IV was inserted and we were told I’d be having a baby that night.  Literally, I had a baby 4 hours and 39 minutes after my contractions started at Hungry’s with my family for dinner.  What an incredibly different experience from my first experience with Joelle.  My neighbors just came over with a present for the baby and said, “How could you have had a baby Saturday night at 9:30, we saw you come home at 6!?”

I was awake during the c-section, of course, and remember the moment when Elise came out.  My first thought was, “I’m a mommie of two now.”  Chris, after seeing Elise for the first time, said, “she looks so much like Joelle.”  I’ll always be grateful to little Elise for coming early and surprising us.  Every morning, the nurse would come in at the hospital and write down the date.  I would smile at Elise and say, “Thanks for being here early.”  She knew her mommie would get overly anxious leading up to the scheduled date.  Instead, I had a nice sleep the night before and a yummy dinner with my family before her arrival.