February 2007

Ran across this article yesterday on CNN.  Take a look and then check back…(waiting)….

OK, my questions/comments are:

1. I’m impressed that they were able to pull off this “ruse” effectively for so long in front of so many different people.  It sounds like Social Security as well as state agencies were involved.

2. Is it just that the family was really good at acting?  I mean starting at ages 4 and 8, you’d think they would slip.  Or is it just that the social service interviewers just aren’t qualified? Both?

3. Of course you always want to know more after reading such a short story – like, did these kids go to regular school and just act for their interviews?  If so, couldn’t they have, uh, noticed that the kids were in regular school?  If not, did they get home schooled just for the purpose of collecting this money? That’s dedication.  As if the kids weren’t going to be screwed up enough…


During my c-section, they were playing music.  Because I found it a little odd, I did pay attention to the music that was on when Elise was born.  I know it was Sting (Chris later corrected me, it was the Police) and I’m fairly certain it was “Every Move you Make.”  So, I found it funny when I was trying to soothe little Elise one day and turned on the radio to that song.  (Elise usually calms down when I dance with her.)  I’ve turned on the radio two other times to dance with Lisey when that song was on.  Although Chris pointed out that they are playing it because the Police are back together (always the pragmatist), I think it is definitely her song! 

One other odd note.  My mom remembers that they played music during her c-section with me – it was hard rock.  I can’t imagine why she didn’t know the song… 

On Grey’s Anatomy last week, Izzy said, “…surgeons who use staples over stitches are just lazy. I’m sorry, they just are.” That comment immediately caught my attention because the doctor who was supposed to do my c-section, you know the one I painstakingly sat waiting for hours at a time in a dingy waiting room with chairs with plastic covers for a 9 month span, was going to use staples. Ask Chris, I freaked out when I found that out. He was on a mad resource hunt for information about staples vs. glue (I had glue used to suture my first c-section.) Turns out, glue is rather controversial for use with a c-section. Nice.

Anyway, when I had this emergency c-section, I got the doctor on call. Total luck of the draw. She had been at home rearranging furniture that night. She used dissolvable stitches on me. Other than that, I know nothing about her. I was elated that night to find out that I would get stitches though and am vindicated by Izzy’s comment. Stitches are so much better than staples!

Chris is so smart!  His intelligence was put to good use this week when Joelle had on a new outfit when he came home from work.  He said, “Is that Carter’s?”  I’m not sure I would have known that if a clothing line up had been given to me and I had to pick out which outfit was from which store.  One dress wasn’t from Carter’s.  Chris said, “That dress doesn’t compute.  It doesn’t look like Carter’s.”  He was disappointed in himself for not knowing it was Gap. 

If we had had two boys, would I have embraced things important to boys?  I’m not sure I would have been as good a boy mom as Chris is a girl dad. 

I’ve decided that the best thing about second children is that they remind you of what your first one did. Things that have long since been forgotten. Since this is my last go with a baby, I’ve got to be diligent about writing as many memories down as possible…

I’ve had ups and downs with nursing. I like to joke that I have aristocratic blood and was meant to have a wet nurse. We went back through Jojo’s feeding logs and found that I nursed 12 times a day for 18 days before finally realizing I was at a breaking point and had to concede defeat. When Chris read back through the logs he said, “Wow, you were a trooper!” I tried again with Elise, but found that I still don’t produce enough milk to sustain a baby. (without nursing 12 times a day – which is unrealistic to me, especially with Joelle in the picture this time.) I am happy that I tried again because I was reminded of how sweet nursing is and I am truly sad that it doesn’t work for me. I love how within the first few days, Elise would look up at me after eating with an expression of drunken bliss. A little milk running down her chin and a ruddy little cheek from the sheer warmth. Joelle had the same look, but I had forgotten it.

The other thing that Elise does that I now remember Joelle having also done is that she goes through “the faces” when she first falls asleep.  Chris and I call it the “budding actress” faces.  It’s hysterical.  You get a smile, then a frown, then an angry look, furrowed brow, etc ~ all within seconds.  We really need to try to video tape it before she grows out of it.   

On the way out of the neighborhood today, (yes I got to drive Joelle to school today!!) I noticed someone had put a big banner in someone’s yard.  It said, “Grant, will you go to the sweet 16 dance with me?”  Maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day and/or because Chris left a super sweet valentine for me this morning, but I instantly felt a butterfly in my heart after seeing this sign.  It brought back all my memories in high school of falling in love with Chris.  I hope I never forget that feeling.  

I love you, Chris.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

My mom came over with news yesterday that the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalog has a new room, in green and pink of course, with an interesting name in pb kids style wooden letters:  Elise!  What are the odds???  It’s a good thing that catalog featuring her name didn’t come out prior to us naming her.  I would have had serious second thoughts!  Every other name in there is on the top ten list of names.  I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ve picked the next “rising star” popular name.  At least if we did, we’ll be a bit before the curve and she may still be the only Elise in her class.  How ironic.  For the record, the latest social security ranking in 2005 listed Elise as #227.  How could we have known!?  

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