I was skeptical about posting a poll for our baby’s name because I felt somewhat dismayed at myself for not being able to just choose between Jori and Elise. I read another blog that convinced me that maybe it was a pretty cool idea to get feedback from a close community of good friends and family. Also, when forced to vote ourselves, Chris and I actually both voted for the exact same name. (first and middle). When discussing names, we couldn’t force ourselves to pick one over the other, but when forced to vote – we did. It’s very lucky that we both voted for the same one!

More amazing to me is the 19 to 2 response for Elise. It really is a good feeling that everyone else also likes the name. (Or, at least prefers it to Jori.) I feel like it’s a mandate and meant to be. Since this took a lot of the suprise out of what we’ll name her (Nana already has plans to visit monogramming shops this afternoon), we may have to keep the middle name a secret. That’s also a surprise, how split the middle name vote is. Who knew? For those that don’t know…. Christine is after Chris, Shay would be after my mom and Grace is taken from the church where we were married. My brother suprised me with his sentiments and suggested that we should name her Elise Grace because Joelle’s middle name, Danae, is in honor of where we sort of started our relationship (Greece) and Grace would be in honor of where we began our marriage together.

Joey, I have racked my brain for cool names that would be representative of Wimberley where you and Maria were married (and the true place where Chris and I begin our relationship) and the best I’ve come up with is “Hayes” for a middle name for a boy. It’s an interesting middle name for a boy that Cara mentioned to me once. Good luck finding names if you go down that sentimental path yourself!