My friend’s innocent proclamation that she should, “read now,” because she won’t have time after her new baby is born has brought back some unexpected funny memories for me.  I distinctly remember reading “The Lovely Bones” while nursing, or trying to nurse Joelle.  She would be propped on one side of the Boppy and the book was on the other.  I enjoyed watching my baby, but she would take SOOOO long.  (I think this is more proof of my issue with nursing in general – I just don’t make enough.) 

I haven’t totally decided not to nurse and some signs still point to the fact that I might be guilted into it once again (When Dr. Levin mentioned nursing today, I didn’t correct her or mention that I might not), but I will be a lot more laid back about it this time.  I will not be bullied into it and will supplement right away.  Also, no pumping.  If it doesn’t work naturally, it’s not going to happen.   

Furthermore, Babywise, the most evil book I have ever read and should have burned, will not be considered this go round.  Chris promised to fish out our detailed logs of diaper changes and feedings this week as a reminder of what we can expect.  Perhaps he can post a sample day in the early weeks of Joelle’s little life.  Fun times ahead….