Are some people just inherently bitter or mean spirited?  Or, are they just so clueless that they bumble through life making complete idiots of themselves?  I don’t mind when people ask, “When are you due?”  They’re making small talk and, most of the time, they’re very surprised when I say, “a week.”  That’s a good feeling.  I do, however, mind when someone starts off the question with a negative vibe, “Oof, you look like you’re about to pop, are you ready?”  How is that helpful?  Some other ‘favorite’ comments I’ve received lately:  “Boy, now your life is REALLY over (this person knew that I already had one kid.”  “Well, you should be enjoying life now before the sleep deprivation.”  Again, thanks for these seeds of wisdom, but a. if it’s true, then it wouldn’t be nice to say anyway and b. it isn’t even true.  First, I can’t imagine how going from one kid to two kids is that life altering.  Zero kids to one, maybe.  (still wouldn’t be helpful to mention that to a pregnant woman about to give birth…. too late, folks, too late.)  Second, yes, I will be tired after the baby gets here, but at least it’s a different kind of tired.  I’m getting worn out from the physical tiredness.  I’d like to move on – focus on the positive, people!

The icing on the cake goes to the people who feel like they have the right to bring to Joelle’s attention how her life is going to change.  Yes, people actually do.  After a woman inquired when I was due in the grocery store, she looked down at Joelle and said, “You’re going to be a big sister.”  (all ok so far, right?)  She proceeded to ask her questions like, “Do you know where the wipes are?  Do you know where the diapers are?  You’re going to have to know where all that is to help your mommie.  Your mommie is going to be very tired because she’ll be up all night……”  She went on and on.  I was trying to give her the death stare, but she just kept looking at Joelle and talking.  Wow.  Joelle looked like she was about to cry.  When we left the store, I said to Joelle, “hey, you’re getting tired of hearing all this baby stuff, huh?”  She said, “yeah.”  I said, “it’s ok, me, too.  I can’t go anywhere without people talking about it.”  I told her the important things in life weren’t changing and that everything would be ok.  Unfortunately, there are things that I wish could change that won’t either – strangers and casual acquaintances minding their own damn business!