The house across the street from us will always be known as Ben Franklin’s house.  Ben (his real name is Harry) and his wife are original homeowners that have lived in this neighborhood since 1968.  They originally bought their house for $22,000 and their backyard used to stretch all the way to I-10.  After all these years, they’re moving on to a retirement community off Eldridge and are very excited about all the opportunities that will bring to them. 

For our part, we’re sad to see them go.  They are extremely kind and interesting.  I’ll admit not knowing that much about them, but we do know that he dresses up as Ben Franklin for schools and other events (such as at the Natural Museum of Science), which is why we kindly refer to him as Ben.  We think it’s cool that he’s found such a niche that he’s interested in. 

…so, if my kids wonder why 20 years from now we still refer to that house as the Ben Franklin house, this is why.