No, she is still not officially named. We seriously may resort to a poll! I’m hoping we’ll have some sort of revelation between now and January 30th or that when she’s born it will be so obvious that any question over her name will be comical. It will be Elise or Jori – I guess it’s better to love two names than none at all?

Anyway, I was reading Saturday by Ian McEwan (thanks for picking it out, Chris) and found this passage quite appropriate:

“It’s commonplace of parenting and modern genetics that parents have little or no influence on the characters of their children. You never know who you are going to get. Opportunities, health, prospects, accent, table manners – these might lie within your power to shape. But what really determines the sort of person who’s coming to live with you is which sperm finds which egg, how the cards in two packs are chosen, then how they are shuffled, halved and spliced at the moment of recombination. Cheerful or neurotic, kind or greedy, curious or dull, expansive or shy and anywhere in between; it can be quite an affront to parental self-regard, just how much of the work has already been done. On the other hand, it can let you off the hook. The point is made for you as soon as you have more than one child; two entirely different people emerge from their roughly similiar chances in life.”

We wait with eager anticipation to see what baby #2 will be like. Perhaps it will be very obvious if she is meant to be an Elise or a Jori.