Joelle and I have this ritual where she climbs into bed with me in the morning and we chat a bit together while we both wake up a bit. I never know what she’ll come up with to chat about, but it’s generally pretty entertaining and a magical way to start each day. Although the topic of our conversation, being dead, could be disturbing, please recall that these are four year olds and I seriously doubt they really understand what it is they’re saying…. At least, I choose to believe in their innocence.

This morning, I innocently asked her about school yesterday. She told me this story:

Joelle: We went out to the playground. I climbed over some tubes, up a wall, through the slide, to the top of the house. There were kids laying on the ground. Annie… (can’t recall the other names). They said they were dead. John had made them dead.

Mommie: Oh, that sounds sad. Did you want them back awake?

Joelle: Yes.

Mommie: Well, next time… tell them you’re the bring-back-to-life fairy and wave your magic wand.

Joelle: …but I won’t have a magic wand.

Mommie: You can pretend.

Joelle: No, I need a magic wand.

Mommie: Did John have a real weapon?

Joelle: (long pause) No, I guess not.  …but what if I don’t want to bring them back to life?

Mommie: Then, they’ll stay dead.