Joelle has figured out that we don’t care for loud noise.  It’s funny to me that it only just recently occured to her because she hates the garage door opening, toilets flushing and the vacuum cleaner.  She has these new toys from her happy meals that play this obnoxious, repetitive song.  One night at dinner, she pressed it so many times – Chris finally grabbed it and said, “enough.”  That moment was a pivotal one for her, she recognized that she had irritated us and had asserted a bit of power over us.  She has now taken a strong liking to all toys and items that make noise.  She’s looking to push that button again.

We aren’t playing along.  We’re both ignoring it with every ounce of our will power.  I was on the phone with Nana tonight and suddenly she found her very loud, seldom played with popper toy.  She just walked the living – dining – kitchen circuit watching me to see if she was getting to me.  This morning, she yelled into the empty wrapping paper tube recognizing that it amplified her voice.  She got a new book that says, “I love Christmas cookies,” when you press a button.  She pressed it and looked at daddy with a smirk on her face. 

We’ll see who budges first…