Chris likes to make fun of me for being, well, the opposite of a procrastinator. Is there a word for that? Let me know if there is, because that’s me. Last night, I was filling all the egg cartons for Joelle’s cookie decorating party on Tuesday (yes, two days prior to the party). I have half dozen egg cartons and I filled each egg cup with a different type of cookie decorating accessory. I also decorated each tub of frosting with ribbons and their names. (I got the girls each their own tub, not anticipating that they would need a whole tub, but because I wanted to avoid germ contamination. Who can avoid licking the knife with scrumptious icing?) Chris chuckled and said, “Isn’t it a little soon to be getting ready?” I responded, “I have never regretted getting ready too soon.”

Those words are coming back to haunt me today. I still maintain that it is definitely worth the obvious obstacles that could arise to go ahead and get ready early, but I can also see where you might regret it. For example, we both worked very diligently at getting the yard raked yesterday (9 BIG bags of leaves – Petie: 1.5 hours, Chris: 4 hours. Before you judge my 1.5 hours against Chris’s 4 hours, please remember my handicap!) I anticipated that we would be able to go outside for the party. WRONG. It rained all day and is likely to rain tomorrow. I already put sprinkles in the egg cartons instead of a larger, easier to clean up, decoration – also anticipating that we’d be outside. Furthermore, the electric company sent over people to cut down the limbs of our trees hanging over the power line today. What are the odds? I stood there watching and envisioned a thick layer of leaves from all the ruckus in the trees. As it turned out, they did quite a nice job of tidying up after themselves, but it could’ve been ugly.

Finally, I wrapped what I thought was the remainder of my Christmas gifts yesterday afternoon. Although I didn’t vocalize my satisfaction when I was done, I had a mental image of me wiping my hands together as if to show I was done with that task. On his way back in town from Wimberley, my Dad brought over a gift for me to wrap for Mom today. (No, I’m not mad, daddy, I think it’s actually pretty hilarious.) I wonder what else I can jinx by getting started early….