Ok, this is really odd.  After finishing up that story about how I said, “I never regretted getting something done early,” the doorbell rang.  I could tell there were a lot of folks outside, so I opened it – I recognized immediately they were Christmas caroling.  I said, “oh, my daughter is sleeping,” but the singing had commenced and drowned me out.  Joelle had just asked us last night about Christmas caroling.  Literally, last night.  We explained to her what it was and then said we didn’t know why so many books still mention it because it was sort of an antiquated custom.  Is the universe mocking me? 

It was very nice – Feliz Navidad and We Want to Wish you a Merry Christmas.  We do live in a pretty cool neighborhood.  I’m mean really, who else has had Christmas caroling?  Too bad Joelle was asleep, she would have loved it!  Chris left me alone to listen – he sheepishly looked around the corner but wouldn’t come stand by me.  🙂