Joelle has an advent calendar this year for Christmas.  We had one last year, but this is the first time she’s really appreciated it for what it is:  a countdown to Christmas.  She understands why she can only open one box each day and hasn’t tried to mess with that.  I’m sure she’s dying to just open them all up, but somehow this little 4 year old restrains herself to one a day. 

I thought the advent calendar would make Christmas come slower, but it has actually seemed to speed it up for me.  We opened box “14” today, that’s crazy close to Christmas!  I think there should be a countdown calendar for your baby’s delivery date.  Every day you get to open a box with a giftie inside!  Bottles, binky, washclothes, lotion, etc.  Nothing fancy, just helps lead to the excitement.  Unfortunately, it would only work for scheduled c-sections, but it seems those are pretty abundant these days.  (Although more common on the 2nd baby when you need less stuff.) 

I’m not to counting down days yet….  6 weeks on Monday.