I have a tentative date scheduled for my c-section – January 29th. Mark your calendars! It feels strange to know my baby’s birthday before she gets here.

Joelle met Dr. Levin today (“Auntie Sherri”). Dr. Levin is so very sweet with kids. She swooped Joelle up and gave her big hugs and her full attention. Joelle loved it at first, and then something in her clicked, “I don’t know this woman.” She gave Nana and I the pouty face. It was very cute and I’m glad I brought Nana and Joelle along to meet my doctor today. It felt weird that they hadn’t met someone who has become a central figure in my life. (Yes, Chris has met her.) Plus, Nana went with me to almost every single doctor’s appointment that Chris didn’t go to when Joelle was in my tummy. I’ve missed her this go round.