A friend of mine called the other night and at the end of our conversation, she said, “oh, by the way, I didn’t know you guys were ‘Hollywood Stars’.”  I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about.  By my silence, she realized I didn’t have a clue as to what she meant.  She said, “Your pictures are in a great big collage in the Picture People store.”  “Big display of your family with Joelle and her pig tails.” 

My first response was shock and a little anger.  My friend was also very surprised I didn’t know.  Don’t they have to tell you?  We looked on the internet to see if they had the right to use our pictures without our permission and asked around.  Joey introduced us to the concepts of innocent infringement and willful refusal.  Chris asked his friend at work about it because his wife is a professional photographer.  His friend felt relatively sure that we had indeed signed something without realizing it and Chris suddenly did remember filling out paperwork with lots of small print while I put up Joelle’s adorable pig tails. 

Still, we were ticked and on a mission tonight to confront them and ask them to take our beloved family off display.  Well… that is until we got there.  It wasn’t hard to spot – centered and in a large framed collage is our family at the Picture People in Memorial City Mall.  We sheepishly smiled at each other and said, “we are a cute family.”  Chris laughed and said to Joelle and I, “autographs, anyone interested in autographs!?”  So we left without saying anything at all to the busy workers.