Goldie officially didn’t make it through the night last night. Despite Noonie’s prediction on the 8/28 post that Betas were practically indestructible, “… My dad had a beta that lived for three years, no matter how rarely we changed his water or even fed him. I hope you guys love your guy, because he’s there for the long haul!”, we have managed to send Goldie on to greener pastures.

So, should we go through a little ceremony for him? Man, we are just not pet people.

Chris’s musings on what the heck happened:

chris_dipaolo: wonder if he just froze to death?

chris_dipaolo: does say it should be between 65 and 75

chris_dipaolo: Feed your Siamese fighting fish two or three times a day, only what he will eat in a few minutes. Overfeeding will make the water cloud faster, and your betta will be more likely to get ill.