Chris commented that one of his co-workers had gone to Garner State Park for Thanksgiving.  I thought that was interesting, since I had been there for two of my own Thanksgivings back when Joey was at Trinity.  We went with Sarah and her family.  I have to confess that I don’t remember a whole lot about those trips, but I do remember some funny stories and am once again reminded of how lucky I am to know Sarah. 

The best and most hilarious thing is the cranberry sauce.  Sarah and I were both accustomed to homemade cranberry sauce, so the molded blob from the can caught our attention (still in can formation, standing at attention on the plate).  I have no idea why we thought to do this, but we took a knife and cut a tiny little pie piece out of the top.  We conjured up a story that a bee had come along and done it.  Much to our surprise, everyone believed us!  It was much, much later when we finally told everyone the truth. 

As a parent myself now, I don’t understand how my parents could handle this.  On the way home from the park, I swear we sang our own versions of our very favorite song at the time over and over and over – maybe the whole way home.  “We like the cars that go boom.” (Tigre and Bunny)  We would make up our own lyrics though….  “My name is Sammy (my dog) and I like the fleas….”  Obnoxious, right?  It makes me laugh to realize that I still do this today – I like making up my own lyrics and Joelle has taken to it as well.

The last magical moment I recall is playing by the Frio river with Sarah.  We glanced down and saw colored marbles in the water.  What a find!  We fished out all the ones we could find and treasured them.  I have to remember that myself as I question why Joelle holds on to stuff I would label “junk.”  Sometimes it’s not what you find, but how you find it.  I wish I still had those marbles or at least the insight to share with Joelle of how two friends could have such a special bond that we didn’t even fight over who got which ones.   How do I tell Joelle about that?  I hope one day soon she’s blessed with a friend as beautiful, unique and special.