I successfully completed my 3 hour glucose tolerance test today (no, I don’t know the results.  My precious 4 vials of blood were sent to the lab.)  I’m so relieved that it’s out of the way.  Yay!  Goodness, if I got this riled up over a test… imagine how I’ll be before my c-section.

The 100g sugar drink is awful.  I thought the 50g one was ok…  It just tasted like a sweeter minute maid.  The 100g glucose tolerance drink was so sweet I think it burned off some of my taste buds.  My tongue is still tingling.  I was repulsed by all carbs and sugar until after dinner.  I was craving meat!  me. 

I don’t know why they don’t market this stuff for those high energy obsessed people.  You can try it out yourself…  http://www.medicalmailorder.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=707