Joelle has developed her own “see you later” phrase, “Kiss ya pickcha!”

She’s developed her own version of “eye candy.”  She told us that Lauren has missed a lot of school because of “ear confections.”

At first, Joelle told Nana that she wasn’t going to talk to the Santa at the mall because she’d already talked to other Santas.  When she saw him sitting up there, she couldn’t resist.  She told him what she wanted and that she’d bring her baby sister with her next year to see him.  Afterwards, she confided in Nana that he had been the real Santa.  She’s already getting so smart.  I hope the magic isn’t already gone next year for her!

To my relief, Joelle is starting to play a lot more with kids at playgrounds.  She’s learning how to communicate with the kids.  Nana told me today that Joelle was very unhappy with some boy who was playing rough.  (She hates when boys try to “shoot” her or poke sticks at her.)  She talked another little boy into protecting her!  Wow, she’s going to be something else if she can already talk a little boy into “saving her.” 

Tonight for bed, Joelle conjured up a malady about her hand.  She said she needed her whole family, even the baby, in order to make it feel better.  We went off on a tangent about the baby and how she wouldn’t really be able to do much when she first gets here.  We told Joelle she could rock the baby, kiss the baby and sing to the baby.  She then proceeded to sing the whole Rock a Bye, Baby song.  She even added with her own original flourish (per her parents methodology), “down will come baby sister… Jori or Jordan.”