Last night at our “Thanksgiving” dinner with Chris’s parents, Danny, and Noonie, we told everyone the story of how Joelle had found our extra star stocking holder in the Christmas loot.  She asked what it was for and Chris replied, “It’s for your baby sister’s stocking next Christmas.”  (Two notes:  1. Our stocking holders currently spell out “JOY”, so hopefully a star won’t be too random  2. After Chris explained to Joelle what the star was for, it dawned on him that I had bought this last year on sale.  He thought, “so, why did she give me such a hard time about having a second baby – obviously she was kinda planning on it.”)

Chris then quickly told Joelle that she could have the star if she’d rather.  We’re being careful to let Joelle have first dibs on what we can.  She responded, “Nah, I’ll stick with the ‘J’.”  Everyone at dinner last night said, “Well, of course, ‘J’ for Joelle.”  I said, “The second baby’s name might start with a ‘J’, too.”  Chris was quick to jump in with, “We’re thinking of Jorana.” 

From across the room, I saw Joelle’s face.  It was hysterical.  She was so pissed.  So, I laughed and said, “Joelle knows that isn’t it.”  So, everyone figured out that she knew the name, but were too busy talking when Joelle said, “It’s baby Jori, Daddy.”  I told everyone they missed it and told Joelle to say it again.  I think it’s pretty cool that Joelle got to tell them all what name we’ve currently picked. 

We may wait until we meet baby #2 though because I’ve also decided that Elise is pretty much tied with Jori.  Either Jori Elise or Elise Jori.