So, I found out I didn’t pass my 1 hour glucose tolerance screening.  I now get to go in for a three hour glucose test where I drink twice as sweet a drink and get to have my blood drawn 4 times (one “resting” level and three samples taken 1, 2 and 3 hours after I drink this stuff.)  Oh, and I can’t eat, drink or move during the screening.  Fun times.  I honestly think this test may be more painful then actually getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  Almost… not quite.  I really don’t want to have it and pray I don’t.  I’ll let you surf the internet to find out for yourself more about it.

To me, the really interesting part about the whole fiasco is the special diet I have to follow three days prior to the screening.  It’s a carb lovers dream and one diet I think I could actually follow for a long time!  It’s so counterintuitive to me, but here is what I should eat every day for three days prior to my test (exactly):

2 cups – milk, any kind
1/2 cup – cereal, ready to eat or cooked
1 piece – fresh fruit OR 1/2 cup canned fruit in light or natural juice
1/2 cup – fruit juice,any kind
12 oz. – regular soda
3 slices – regular bread, any kind
1 cup – potatoes, rice or noodles
1 cup – vegetables
2 each – cookies
as desired – meat, fish, poultry, cheese
as desired – butter, salad dressing and other fats