Well, I’ve decided that if I had to lose one of my five senses, it would be my sense of smell.  Although there are many lovely scents, there are also a lot of bad smells.  I’m going on my fifth week of being sick and I lost my sense of smell about a week ago now, so I’ve had a chance to test it out.

Example one, driving home from Wimberley last weekend, Chris commented from the backseat, “oh, are we in stairtown?”  (aka: stinky town, although we still haven’t figured out why.)  This town is right outside of Luling and it stinks.  It stinks really badly.  The people who live there must get immune to the smell.  I couldn’t smell a thing.  It was bliss.

Example two, Joelle had a sick episode.  I hate to get too graphic, but there was throw up all over the floor of her room.  This is actually the second time it’s happened in two weeks.  The first time, I was gagging and almost sick myself when I had to clean it up.  This time, no problem.  I just went about my business of cleaning it all up. 

Since I also suffer from migraines and have had the unusual bad luck of having to sit by cube mates in the past who choose to wear cheap smelling cologne, I can see not being able to smell a big asset in some situations!  I will note that the only negative is that you also lose a lot of your sense of taste.  The other night at dinner, Chris said, “So, these potatoes are pretty plain.  Just in case you’re wondering.”  I said, “Really, huh.  I wouldn’t know.”  I can taste certain spices and bitter vs. sweet, but the whole spectrum of tastes (which are obviously really smells) just isn’t there.  Ironically, there is a benefit to this though.  I’ve been eating healthier.  Why have fries?  I can’t taste them.