We’re discussing girl names.  Luckily we agree on our top 5 or so names.  But we’re still having a hard time deciding.  We might actually wait until the baby is born to decide for sure (although then we don’t get to put cute letters on a shelf spelling her name before she gets home – I’m not sure she’ll be able to adjust…).

One of the things I personally like about names are the different options that the kid has.  For example – naming a boy Bob leaves you pretty much nothing as far as name-related nicknames.  “B”?  (Actually, that is a boy’s nickname in Joelle’s class so maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty there)  Joelle has options like JoJo, Ellie – not a ton but some choices, you know?

One of the names we are considering has a long version and a short version (e.g., William vs. Bill) and we are considering just naming her the short version.  But then, I say, she doesn’t have the “option” of using the longer or shorter as she wishes (as I can with Christopher or Chris).  Then I thought, why can’t they go the OTHER way?  Why can’t you name a kid Chuck and call him Charles as a nickname?  Go with Danny on the birth certificate and let him go by Daniel if he wishes?  This should be done more often.  Unless we name our daughter the long one, then it’s just a silly idea, naturally.