We usually try to steer clear of too much political discussion, that’s what Joey’s site specializes in, right?  🙂  In honor of election day, I do have a few comments:

* Wow, I can’t believe Lampson barely won.  I was curious about how hard it was to vote for a “WI” and looked when I voted (even though we are NOT in Lampson’s district).  It’s pretty damn hard, you have to actually use that painful turn thing to get “Sekula-Gibbs” in there! 

* It sure takes some of the fun out of voting when no one you vote for wins.  (Ok, a couple of my peeps won, I’m not a straight ticketer, but let’s just say I could count my winners on one hand.)

* “I think we’ve got this thing won, it’s just a matter of getting it to play out,” Democrat Jon Tester, a Montana organic grain farmer who lost three fingers in a meat grinder, told The Associated Press in Montana.  1.  How did he lose three fingers in a meat grinder if he’s a grain farmer?  2.  Why did we need to know that he lost three fingers in a meat grinder?  Does that change how good of a politician he is?  This election definitely wasn’t about likeability, was it? 

* Tom Delay:  “The Democrats didn’t win,” he said, “Republicans lost.”  That kinda sounds like a sore loser to me.