“We parked under a red tree to go walk in evergreens for 4 hours.”  This is now a famous statement made by Chris when we were in college.  We’ll quote it every now and again when we want to signify the irony of something. 

During one of the four years at Trinity, I insisted we make a trip to Lost Maples State Park.  I had been once before, a lot younger, and was taken by the “lost” trees.  It’s one of the few places in Texas where you can actually see the season change with a small area of Maples that grow native.  It really is quite amazing to see. 

Perhaps there wasn’t as much color change this particular year, we were too early / too late or we just took the wrong trail, but there wasn’t much color when Chris and I went.  We parked under this golorious Maple in the parking lot.  Both of us had high expectations of brilliant red, orange and yellow hues, but we continued along a trail for hours only to find one or two more isolated spots of color.  Where were the bursts of color we expected?

Hunting for pecans in Wimberley kind of reminded me of this.  I’ve witnessed Poppie coming home carrying boxes of pecans from the trees in Wimberely.  So, on my first nutting expedition I expected to see some nuts!  I thought you’d be able to squat down and find dozens at your reach.  As we walked down, all three of us eager with visions of pecans dancing in our head, I stopped to scoop up a few little nuts from the little tree on top.  Chris scoffed at me and said, “Come on, there will be many more down at the bottom.” 

Where were all the pecans?  The irony here, to me, is that we have an Oak tree in our back yard that has dumped hundreds, maybe thousands of acorns.  We hear the “ping, ping” of the nuts all night long.  Was that hail?  Chris stepped on eight going to the garage.  The squirrels are busy all day and night trying to find places to store all these nuts.  I counted 5 squirrels tonight during dinner, all storing at a desperate pace.  (I think they’ve recruited all the neighboring squirrels because we usually only have two permanent squirrels in our residence.)

We’ll have to try again next year….  I liked the nut hunting.  One of these years we’ll hit Wimberley when there is a pecan storm!