I drove Joelle over to Nana and Poppie’s this morning.  I got home and picked up a few branches in the front yard.  As I walked by my car, I noted something on the roof of my car.  Joelle’s shoes.  and socks.  In Chris’s haste to clean up after our trip last night, he must have put them on top of the car.  (Editor’s note to Chris:  I am not angry at all, we were all in a sick stupor AND Jojo’s tantrum over you crumpling that Jason’s Deli napkin had us a bit rattled.) 

Yes folks, she suggested we drive 3 hours back to San Marcos in order to retrieve another plain brown paper towel that bathrooms dispense to dry your hands.  I made the mistake of using that as an example of her being “silly” this morning and got to hear all about it again.  She wanted that for her art project with broken pecan shells.  Pecan = nut, walnut or acorn.  Since she is having a hard time saying “pecan”, she will selectively say “nut”, “walnut” or “acorn.”  Smart girl.  It sounds like she’s saying “baton” instead of “pecan.”  She brought a bunch of pecans for Poppie to crack for her in her Shamu lunch box.  He’s a pro.  Joelle definitely let me know that he can procure a full nut from the shell while Mommie just gets tiny bits.

Anyway, I had a very good chuckle over finding those shoes AND the two socks sitting on top of my car after having driven the 7 minutes there and back!!