And so it starts, poor Chris stories….  I’m sure over the years, there will be many funny stories about all the girlies in our household.  I know this because they’re already starting and girlie #3 hasn’t made her debut. 

We’re nearing completion on the new nursery and I made the comment that we have a “girl’s wing” in the house now.  It does kinda strike you when you walk to the bathroom that those are definitely girl rooms and they are adjacent to each other.  Chris retorted back, “Girl’s wing?  How ’bout girl house?” 

Joelle and I have been cranky this week.  Daylight savings, sickness and just general pregnancy (for me) took it’s toll.  Chris walked in one day to a particularly cranky scene.  I literally started smiling and laughed that he’d have three of us to contend with in the very near future!