Pow Pow, missing for over 6 months, was discovered in the back pocket of my car last night. You never know what you’ll find in my car. Joelle’s face lit up and she said, “Pow Pow, I thought you were gone forever.” Alas, getting to play a game with daddy distracted her from reuniting Pow Pow and Sip Sip. Will they ever be together again?

In an unrelated incident, Peter Pocket was also discovered at the bottom of her play clothing bin in a make-up bag. We had been told that he was “on vacation.” Note: I made up the name “Peter Pocket”. Joelle is the master mind behind “Pow Pow” and “Sip Sip”. I remember the first time she used those names I cracked up. Also, Pow Pow and Sip Sip are chopsticks for those who don’t know. Historical entries here and here.