The Halloween of 2005 is remembered with an extravagant storm that rolled in, oh, just minutes before we were to leave for the big neigbhorhood parade.   Did I mention that it was big?  Joelle got to go to three houses that year  –  yippee.

Chris wishes they had just gone to three houses this year because the Halloween of 2006 will be remembered as the Mosquito Swarm of 2006.  (Steve:  “You should have sprayed up before you left.”  Chris:  “It’s just like flavored human to them.”)  The mosquitos chased Joelle and I all day.  They were in the car, the house, the forest at the Titmouse club, we batted them while carving pumpkins…  I have so much “tropical DEET” on my skin I feel like I could take a shower and I’d still smell this sickley sweet odor. 

I lit four citronella candles on our porch, but they managed to thwart that and make it into the house whenever I opened the door to give out candy.  Chris and I literally killed over 20 mosquitos in the house!  Joelle got into the game and ran around the house yelling at us whenever she found one.  Oh, and this sickley sweet odor is apparently just for my smelling pleasure, because they’ve been landing on me all night – I have four coats of the stuff on and they usually don’t bite me anyway! 

I wonder what the Halloween of 2007 will be like?