Our church had a little “trunk or treating” event tonight where all the pastors pulled up their cars and handed out candy from their tailgates. Joelle thought this was an incredibly interesting and entertaining experience. She would walk up to the car and gawk. We’d prod her to say, “Trick or Treat.” She didn’t know what to do when faced with the incredible decision of which candy to take.

Each time she secured a piece of candy, it was like a new victory. She came back proudly displaying her prize to us. We’d then say, “did you say thank you?” She’d walk back to say thank you, making each trunk a two step process.

What a strange experience for kids. They walk up to complete strangers (however; in this case, not all were complete strangers) and are encouraged to take candy from them. I’d really be interested to know how trick or treating came about. I’m glad Joelle got in this practice round before trick or treating a bit with daddy on Halloween!