I know that there was at least one other time when Joelle had to get 4 shots, but she was a baby and somehow it’s easier to give a baby a shot.  Sure, they cry (ok, wail), but they don’t have a memory of it afterwards.  (I will say that the heel jaundice test was an absurdly awful experience for both Chris and I.  Joelle was less than a week old and that woman dug at her heel for blood for what seemed like hours).

Joelle, being 4, remembers these four shots and is walking around with an air of authority that the world owes her something for the injustice she suffered.  In general, I agree with her.  Four shots.  Oh, and she had to get the flu mist.  Who knows what that feels like, having been personally given the shot again this year. 

Don’t get me wrong… I’m 100% for immunizations – I just wish there was a less painful way to get them or spread them out.  (It had been two years since her last immunization).  Maybe they could give two in year 3 and two in year 4?  My main point in posting this is as a reminder to myself to make Chris take baby #2 for her four year shots!  🙂