I used to have this talent. I used to be able to plant pretty much anything anywhere and it would grow. I’ve always loved to garden and “owned” my parents atrium from a pretty early age. Sarah and I would plant flowers in pots to decorate our tree house. (We won’t mention where these flowers came from…)

My talent continued with only limited exceptions at Kobi Park (the Pecan tree and chinch bug incident are the only notable exceptions over the 6 years we were there.) I like to mow, trim and plant. Weeding is mundane, but given good weather, I don’t even mind that. Weed eating is another matter. Not sure why I refuse to learn how to do that.

Apparently, I’ve met my match with the Barryknoll ecosystem. The previous owners of Barryknoll used Chemlawn. Perhaps in discontinuing that service we immediately inherited a weak lawn accustomed to monthly fertilizing and chemcials. Or, maybe it’s the shade. Kobi Park had no shade and now we’ve got these huge Oaks covering almost every inch of our yard. (which I love and would gladly trade for the gardening mishaps.)

I write this with hopes that our yard, which is half dead, will recover by spring. We’ll have a new baby and replanting the yard may not be an easy feat. We still don’t know if it was brown patch, carpet worms or grub worms, but we tried everything and it’s still dying. My favorite though was when I planted $50 worth of new flowers in the front before Chris’s 30th birthday party. I should’ve done this planting the night before because they were ALL dead by the next weekend. Nice. The dead stubbies are still in the front bed as an albatross for my gardening skills.