I’ve found myself busy lately and haven’t picked up a book in a while (besides studying for the CFA, of course). So when I saw an article about DailyLit in my RSS reader I was intrigued.

DailyLit is a service that takes literature in public domain and breaks into e-mail sized chunks so you can read the classics via e-mail just a few minutes at a time. You’re reading your e-mail anyway – just pretend it’s another forward that you have seen before but find mildly amusing so you read it again (you know you’ve done this). Can’t you spare 5 minutes a day? If so, you can read some great books.

I just finished Frankenstein. I found that at first I would read one e-mail a day when I came into work. As I got into the story I started using the “send next fragment immediately” feature pretty often because it was such a good book (could be because it was a thriller as opposed to something a little more slow-paced). Here is what the e-mails look like.

You can search by title or author. The number of books is limited enough to where you can easily browse through all the titles to see if something interests you. Here is a screenshot from the site (very bare bones, which suits its purpose).

You can schedule delivery for any time of day and have the frequency be daily, weekdays or every other day. I would hope that they add “twice daily” in the future – who really is going to take two YEARS to read War & Peace and who wants to click on “send next fragment” that many times?

Anyway – I recommend it, let me know if you try it and what you think about it!