Like most Americans, Joelle enjoys her TV viewing experience.  Her current favorite, much to our dismay since we now have cable and this is “free” on PBS, is Dragon Tales.  A surprise to me – I have no idea what makes her like a show or not.  Anyway, we do allow Joelle to watch TV during breakfast and she had it on one Saturday morning.  We were all sitting at the table eating and Joelle kept commenting on parts of the show.  Chris said, “I can’t really see Joelle, but I’ll watch after breakfast.”  She was very perplexed about him not being able to see.  If it’s her favorite show, it stands to reason that it’s daddy’s favorite show.  She said, “You have the bummer chair.”  I think she’s still working out a way to fix that.  It’s likely that mommie will get ousted from my premium viewing chair and daddy will secure that spot.