I imagine this to be exactly what Erin told Joelle at the Magic Castle. We met Erin and her momma, Alice, at the Magic Castle to play. Alice and I were positioned on the bench near the gate to ensure that the girls didn’t run out into the mall. Still, we asked that they check in periodically so that we knew they were safe. Erin came ripping around the corner to do just that and I asked her to find Joelle for me. I thought she would think of it as a fun hide and seek game and that maybe they would play that together. Instead, both girls came back in a minute. The second Joelle caught my eye, her expression was priceless: “What the heck, mom?”

I later found out she was playing a mermaid in the “sea” area and that she had to turn into a human sooner than she wanted. Oh well, at least I knew she was safe!