Joelle’s class is split up into the Fall birthday gang and the Winter birthday gang.  The Fall pack is currently on parade, with our own star shining this Saturday.  I took Joelle to the latest birthday last weekend.  Surprisingly for me, it was at a park we had never been to.  I wonder how many parks there are in Houston?  The theme was kites.  A little unusual for the Fall, but quite inventive and fun.  All the kids got a kite.  There were about 13 of these little 3 – 4 year olds proudly marching onto the field wielding their plastic kites with hazardously long tails.   Suddenly, they swarmed and began to run with all their might to get the little kites up….  right into…. a soccer game.   It was quite comical.  When I first told the story to Chris, he envisioned other kids playing.  No, this was a “no costume” pick up game with adult men.  (Ask Chris about the costume comment.  There is a reason God thought it best to give me another girl.)  I can see why the “no kid” adults are sometimes at odds with the “kid” adults.