Most of my good friends and family know that I have a thing about using names that are too common for my baby. I’d go ahead and call it an obsession. Chris thinks it’s pretty funny because, well, Chris is always in the top ten list of most popular names. Petrina isn’t though. I guess since I have such a unique name, I just can’t bear to imagine my baby being labeled “Olivia Di” in her preschool class. (Chris’s preschool apron had “Chris Di” because there was even another “Chris D”.

Joelle has made it to the social security registry list but not in the past 5 years. That means that it isn’t even one of the top 1000 names! The name we’re considering is on the 1000 list of names, but fairly far down. The nickname to that name doesn’t come up on the list at all. Whew.

I did today realize at least one good thing about having a common name – You can buy used monogramming stuff for the baby! Chris always jokes that pottery barn has a great scheme going with this monogramming thing because it limits “hand-me-down”ing. Well, if you pick a common name, it’s all out there on ebay waiting to be sold at great values. (Although you have to compete with the other 23K people who named their daughter Emily last year if you’re looking for Emily.) I don’t think there would be much of a market for Joelle’s monogrammed items…