I realized that I hadn’t posted in a couple of days… it’s because I’ve been so busy nesting. Aside from the typical type of projects, like cleaning out the garage and sorting all of Joelle’s old clothes by size and putting away, I have been busy getting the new room ready for our new baby girl. Whenever Chris catches me “nesting” he makes a funny motion indicating that I’m a bird fluffing my nest. It makes me laugh each time he does it. I thought he was a chicken looking for food the first time he did it! I’ve picked out the paint color (It’s a green: Ramp by Martha Stewart) and have strongly hinted that painting this weekend would be nice. Chris looked at me like I was crazy. He said, “we have a little time.” I’m just so excited to know we’re having a baby girl and am in my element preparing a new little room. The room will be centered around this bedding from pottery barn kids:


Since we seem to have lost all of Joelle’s 0-6 month clothing, I’ve also been having fun shopping a bit. The most tragic bit about losing this box or possibly boxes is that I’ve lost Joelle’s christening gown and her first portrait dress. I’m truly a bit devasted about that. These were things that I would have kept forever. Also mildly annoying is the loss of things like the baby bjorn, play mat, mobile, etc.