My first reaction was elation. I may regret it later, but I really wanted another baby girl. In my heart I knew I wanted another baby girl because when I would notice baby girls out and about, I would get a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach. A sad feeling knowing that I’d never get to have a baby girl again and I just felt like I didn’t appreciate Joelle enough when she was first born.

My second reaction was worry for Chris. Did he want a boy?? His first statement was, “I’m a good girl daddy.” I know he initially wanted another girl as well, but all this talk over boys made him start to get ready for a boy. Yes, I had already bought boy clothes. I think I was just preparing myself.

Our little baby girl was holding on to her toes today. It was pretty cute to see. Her long elegant spine was about the only thing I could consistantly spot, but the sonogram specialist looked at everything in great depth.