This weekend, while shopping in Galveston with 3 of my girlfriends, I found an atomizer spray that Evian makes.  I had no idea they still sold it and hadn’t seen one since Chris gave me a travel size in Greece.  I wish I could remember why he gave it to me – it’s been too long.  I do, however, still remember how sweet it was.  It wasn’t the first nice thing he had done, but it really made an impact on me.  I took it back with me to Houston and kept it.  I think I still have the bottle, empty for a long time now.  It could have met an undeserved demise in the moving flurry…

Anyway, Chris pointed out that it was #123 in a long series of chance occurences that united us together.  Another example would be the shoes I bought in Greece.  I had bought one too many things and Chris volunteered to take them back to Houston for me.  Without that reason to have to see him when we got back, who knows, we may have lost that spark that was just starting to ignite. 

After 12 years, I decided to return the favor and bought Chris a bottle of the spray.  Maybe he should give it to his Dad, he took it from his travel supplies before embarking to Greece that summer!  I’d like to think we’d still be together with or without that seemingly insignficant gift, but who knows how tiny events will ultimately effect fate.