Disney writes some catchy tunes. Then there are others that should be illegal because they actually take over your brain and all thought. One such tune is in the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. No more cute Britneys or Justins, this is a cartoon where the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse appears when Mickey Mouse says, “miska mouska or something.” Even Joelle was like, “Why does Mickey have to make the clubhouse appear each time?”

Anyway, they sing this song at the end of the show every time: Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog. It gets in your head. Apparently we aren’t the only ones:

“My favorite part of the whole show is the very last song. Hot Dog (Hot Diggity Dog) I cant wait until i can download it on itunes.” – http://imdb.com/title/tt0784896/usercomments “…in fact, both the four year old and the nearly two year old can be heard singing Mickey’s farewell song at any odd moment of any old day.” – http://meandmeonly.blogspot.com/2006/08/hot-diggity-dog.html

Here is the link to the video. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. I think a key factor is that they say “hot dog” throughout the episode and the TUNE will be in the background at key points. Surprised they haven’t been able to advertise other products like this effectively.

Chris just noted that he had hot dogs for lunch and he hasn’t had one in months, ok maybe Ball Park Franks is underwriting this show.

Tonight (7:12 PM) after seeing the show at 9 this morning, I overhear Chris sing, “hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog – I’m gonna kill whoever wrote this song. hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog – I can’t even think. hot dog, hot dog hot diggity dog – I can barely remember my name is Chris.”

Update – if you are looking for the lyrics they can be found here: http://tmbw.net/wiki/Lyrics:Hot_Dog!