Kinda like Meg’s phenomenon where all her friends were getting engaged….  It seems like everyone I know is trying to get pregnant or already is.  Chris can look it up for me afterwards, but I swear this is going to be a mini baby boom.  About the only women I know that aren’t pregnant or trying to get pregnant are those that are officially done…. and even some of those “officially done” are reconsidering! 

It’s so fun for me.  When I had Joelle, I felt like no one was having a baby – and hardly anyone was.  I like having all this company!  Two of my closest friends are now 6 and 12 weeks after my due date.  I’m hoping we can keep up this chain and another one will announce she’s pregnant in another month! 

Btw, Chris thinks it’s because we’re now officially in our thirties when most folks do have kids.  I guess we were ahead of the curve with Joelle.  I’m so happy we did it our way.