The Sunshine class, Joelle’s new class, is participating in show n tell this year.  Every Friday.  When we were explaining to Joelle what show n tell was, we told her that she would get up in front of her classmates and say, “Hi guys.  This is my doll and I brought her because _______.”  Or, “Hi guys.  This is my leaf and I brought it because _________.”  After a few more repetitions of this, Joelle stopped me and said, “I don’t want to say, ‘hi guys.”  Chris said, “…say, ‘Fellow Classmates.”  Do you think maybe it’s our fault that she isn’t more social?  She’s destined to be a little on the nerdy side, huh?

Later, when we were continuing our role playing for show n tell, I told Joelle that her friends would say, “oooo.  ahhhhh,” when she was done.  I asked Joelle how her first show n tell went and she promptly said, “No one said ooo or ahh.”  Oops, I guess we should remember that she still takes things pretty literally!